Bear Happy Pendant | Sterling Silver | 2mm Polycord

Bear Happy Pendant | Sterling Silver | 2mm Polycord

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Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Dimension: 0.75 inch diameter / 19mm
Cord: Recycled 2mm Black Poly Cord, 26 inch


A bear is never happier than in the mountains :) Just as you are never happier than when you are in Nature. Tarma jewelry is happy in nature with you. Like you, your Tarma loves the active life! Designed in our Penngrove NorCal studio, our pendant and components are hand cast in the US in .925 Sterling silver. And always ready for adventure, our cord feels happy even when its wet. The cord is easy adjustable with the sterling button toggle to the length you like. Another Tarma Design ready to help you love the active life!

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