29er Pendant | Stainless Steel | 3mm Polycord

29er Pendant | Stainless Steel | 3mm Polycord

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Quick Overview

Material: Recycled 316L Stainless Steel, Matte finish, 2-tone
Dimension: 0.86 inch diameter / 22.5 mm
Cord: Recycled 3 mm poly, slate color, 22 inches, adjustable button toggle
Design is a Tarma original


Wear your big wheel dedication to the dirt. Pendant is EDM cut in recycled 316L stainless, then milled on the face to create a 2-tone detail. Cord is custom woven 3mm recycled poly, made from PET water bottles and industrial scrap fleece. Cord has sewn RF welded loop in the end. Poly (vs nylon) is hydrophobic, so it doesn't hold water. Wear it swimming ro in the shower. Its made to wear 365247. Length is adjustable, see illustration below. All parts are replaceable. Pendant is 22.5 mm in diameter.

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