Mountain Ride Pendant | Sterling Silver | 2mm Polycord

Mountain Ride Pendant | Sterling Silver | 2mm Polycord

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Quick Overview

Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Polished Finish
Dimension: 0.79 inch diameter / 20mm
Cord: Recycled 2mm Black poly cord, 26"
Design is a Tarma original

Mountains and cycling certainly go together . . . it is some work, the climbing and descending. But when you feel comfortable with the effort, it is total satisfaction! This intricate design was developed in Adobe Illustrator® with the multi-level image then precisely layered in CAD. The designs are output with a 3D printer or milled in jeweler’s wax, then mastered in silver. The pieces are cast by hand, oxidized then tumbled to bring out depth, dimension and detail. This sterling pendant is matched with Tarma's custom woven 2mm black polycord. The cord comes long so you can easily shorten to the length you like using the elegantly simple, sterling silver button. Cast in the US. An original Tarma Design.

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