April 2019

  1. Tarma Stories: Where Does Tarma Take You?

    Tarma Stories: Where Does Tarma Take You?
    Where does your Tarma take you? "The title of the email caused me to think about this for a while. What it made me realize is that a small piece of stainless steel and twenty-two inches of mini paracord could mean so much and cover such a long period of time in my life. Longer than Tarma has been in business...
  2. Tarma Stories: Stylish Shenanigans

    Tarma Stories: Stylish Shenanigans
    "My name is Nichole and I haven't met an outdoor adventure that I didn't like. Hiking and backpacking are my favorite, along with open water swimming and waterfall chasing. I make it a point to continue these outdoor pursuits with my children, so they can learn to love the outdoors and an active lifestyle too! Speaking of style, I really...

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