As a guy who has spent my almost 55 years growing up, living and adventuring around the Idaho backcountry, to me the “Rock Cairn” has two meanings. First, historically people have stacked stones in places of great importance where meaningful things have occurred as “Standing Stones of Remembrance”, and this practice has been apart of my life. There are standing stones (Cairns) in special places all over Idaho.

Second and I think more importantly, in the backcountry, Cairns are used to mark the way when the trail fades or runs out. Much of Idaho's 7.3 million acres of wilderness and backcountry are managed as “trailless” and require advanced route finding skills. When others have gone before us they leave Rock Cairns to “Mark the Way”.

I have raised my family with a love and passion for the mountains and the wild. We ski, backpack, climb summits, mountain and fatbike, fish high mountain lakes and streams and many of the places we go have required us to follow others “cairns”. Those whom have gone before us pointing the way. Probably about 12 years ago, I found one of your Cairn necklaces at REI, I then bought one for myself, my wife and our three kids as a sort of family identity thing. They are a symbol and a reminder around our necks that when we come to places in this life where we don’t know which way to go, look to our family and we will help each other find our way.

My kids are all adults now but we all still wear our Tarma designs Cairn pendants everyday declaring our identity as a family. I had not taken mine off in all that time but last week my pendant broke off so I instantly ordered another because it is something very important to me. I have received literally hundreds of compliments and have had countless conversations with many people because they have noticed and commented on my Cairn necklace.

Professionally I am a Grief Counselor and Music Therapist and these conversations and my message behind the “Cairns” significance have helped me to encourage so many people, so thank you for asking and thank you for making this amazing piece of jewelry!

Many Blessings & Great Adventures,
Bud C Reberry