I found Tarma at the running specialty store I used to work at in Columbus GA, called Big Dog Running Co. I wear my Run Pendant necklace EVERY DAY! I have tons of selfies with the necklace. I think the furthest I’ve gone with my necklace is Jamaica. I wear it hiking and I wear it to church. It’s absolutely my favorite! I participated in two ultra marathons this year; one in June, where I ran a total of 30 miles and one in July, where I ran 31 miles. I love running!” -@_iampatrice


"I have always been a 'Runner' of some sort…whether it be as a sprinter in grade school or cross country and track in high school. In 2013, I was recovering from a bout with Pneumonia and was very weak and had decided to set a goal of running a half marathon. Later, I set another goal to run a marathon. I discovered a love and passion for the trails and soon was running my first half marathon and then 50k. I ordered my first Tarma necklace and thought (someday) I would hopefully be wearing a 100️k pendant. I ordered a 50 mile charm the day after my first 50 mile race. I love the quality of Tarma jewelry and have them in mind as Christmas gifts for my fellow running friends. I absolutely love your jewelry and am now proudly wearing my 100k necklace to celebrate that goal met!" -Terri Krische