Alyssa Worley

  1. Tarma Stories: Life's Adventure

    Tarma Stories: Life's Adventure
    "I have limited mobility, so I have to remember my more active days. I loved living in Colorado many long years ago. I also love Northern Minnesota near BWCA. And the Pacific Northwest has a place in my heart. My Tarma Mountain Necklace is something I always wear. It reminds me of Colorado and how I loved living near the...
  2. Guest Post | ⋰ Scout Eats ⋱

    Guest Post | ⋰ Scout Eats ⋱
    Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a 23 year old graduate from Chico State University with a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. I have a huge passion for plant-based eating and the zero waste lifestyle. I also love the outdoors and try to get in some exercise by going on nature walks, hiking, biking, and doing yoga. I...

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