Stainless steel Nazca Humpback Whale pendant Stainless steel Cairn pendant on black lava rock

Well, it’s a really long story! But basically, I “discovered” Tarma when I was younger. I was working on getting a scuba diving certificate, and my uncle told me that when I finished he would give me an “adventure necklace.” He got me one of your pendants; more specifically, the Cairn. I loved the necklace and wore it for a long time, but then relatively recently noticed it didn’t fit me anymore. I searched your brand to buy another and saw that you sold lots of amazing pendants, and even better, the cord that I needed! I love Tarma and have purchased 6 pendants and a bracelet from you. I’ve taken several photos of your pendants, but mostly of cairns made by me on the trail with my Tarma Cairn pendant on them.” -Said Hernandez / Location: Mexico


Stainless steel Bear Paw pendant in the grass Stacked stones - or Cairn - in nature Stainless steel Hei Matau pendant