I've been adventuring with Tarma designs for around 5 years now and in that time, these products have become much more than just necklaces to me. The first design I bought from Tarma was the bike cog necklace. I used to race mountain bikes and ended up breaking my shoulder back in 2013. Shortly after my injury, I discovered Tarma and ordered the bike cog necklace which I wore religiously through the recovery process. It was much more than just an accessory; it was a reminder of what I was working towards in my recovery and brought hope that I would one day race again, which I did. I continued to wear it until the metal chain finally broke a few years ago.

The next piece I purchased from Tarma designs was the Climbing Cam necklace. Climbing has been a big part of my life. I started when I was very young and still climb regularly to this day. As I began to progress in the world of climbing, I surrounded myself with people who had more knowledge of the sport than I could ever hope to learn. One day, my friend asked me if I would like to learn to trad climb (a style of climbing where the climber places protection in the rock to catch them in the case of a fall.) It was something new and exciting; so of course, I said yes. After I climbed a few routes, I was starting to become more confident. I quickly learned that when placing cams, location is everything. I unfortunately learned this lesson the hard way when I had one fail on me. I ended up falling until the next cam caught me, resulting in a pretty nasty fall. About a week later, my friend who was belaying me that day, gave me the Tarma designs climbing cam necklace as a reminder of the event. I wore it proudly and it didn't matter if I was going climbing or to a wedding; it was always around my neck. Even when I decided to take a break from climbing to pursue every boys dream of being a cowboy, I wore it. No matter where I went, it was with me...until a few weeks ago.

Recently, my girlfriend has started down the climbing rabbit hole. She decided to take a trip out to Yosemite and unfortunately, I wasn't able to go. Before she left, I wrote her a note and folded it around my Climbing Cam necklace, hiding it in her gear, so she would have a piece of me with her on her climbing adventure. Now she wears the necklace with pride everywhere she goes and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it around her neck.

Thank you for the high quality products that you produce. Tarma Designs have been with me on countless adventures and I have many great memories associated with them.” -Josh Campbell