"I found Tarma designs while looking for long distance running jewelry. Finding nice jewelry, with a natural look, for distance running had been difficult. I did not want cheap and wanted something that showed my outdoorsy personality. I definitely found that when I browsed the Tarma website. But, that is not what made me love Tarma. And after all the pieces I own, none of them are distance running related.

What made me fall in love? Let me tell you about myself for a minute. I was born and raised in the country, where mountains and rivers were my playground. Being outside was my childhood and later, my children’s childhood. My husband’s job moved us from the mountains to flat land and sandy ground. My parent’s home, the place I call home, is always in my heart. When I started browsing Tarma, I found pieces that reminded me of my home. Pieces that made a smile come to my face. I change out my necklaces with the seasons, much like how life back home changes…mountains with pine trees for fall and winter…mountains and rivers for spring and summer. Did I ever buy a distance necklace? No. Sometimes, what you think you are looking for to satisfy your soul is found in the process instead.

Thankfully, I get to go home several times a year to run and hike my daddy’s mountain and swim and breathe the clean air of the water. But, always are my necklaces around my neck to remind me of my home and those I love back home.

Thank you, Tarma for making pieces that define who I am." -Robin