1. Tarma Stories: The Cairn Collective

    Tarma Stories: The Cairn Collective
    “Well, it’s a really long story! But basically, I “discovered” Tarma when I was younger. I was working on getting a scuba diving certificate, and my uncle told me that when I finished he would give me an “adventure necklace.” He got me one of your pendants; more specifically, the Cairn. I loved the necklace and wore it for a...
  2. Tarma Stories: Found in the Process

    Tarma Stories: Found in the Process
    "I found Tarma designs while looking for long distance running jewelry. Finding nice jewelry, with a natural look, for distance running had been difficult. I did not want cheap and wanted something that showed my outdoorsy personality. I definitely found that when I browsed the Tarma website. But, that is not what made me love Tarma. And after all the pieces...
  3. Tarma Stories: Cogs and Cams

    Tarma Stories: Cogs and Cams
    “I've been adventuring with Tarma designs for around 5 years now and in that time, these products have become much more than just necklaces to me. The first design I bought from Tarma was the bike cog necklace. I used to race mountain bikes and ended up breaking my shoulder back in 2013. Shortly after my injury, I discovered Tarma...
  4. Tarma Stories: A Runner's World

    Tarma Stories: A Runner's World
    “I found Tarma at the running specialty store I used to work at in Columbus GA, called Big Dog Running Co. I wear my Run Pendant necklace EVERY DAY! I have tons of selfies with the necklace. I think the furthest I’ve gone with my necklace is Jamaica. I wear it hiking and I wear it to church. It’s absolutely...
  5. Tarma Stories: Dirty Girl Adventures

    Tarma Stories: Dirty Girl Adventures
    Location: Kansas  "I found Tarma a few years ago when I was shopping for kayaking jewelry. I ended up purchasing four necklaces, one for myself and three for friends. I've worn mine almost daily since then. It's my trademark! Although, I have added the Hiker Girl and Namaste necklaces to my daily wear now. Dirty Girl Adventures loves the spirit of...
  6. Tarma Stories: Trails of Happiness

    Tarma Stories: Trails of Happiness
    Location: Colorado "Tarma jewelry is my favorite! I think I first heard of your jewelry line while I was volunteering on an organic lettuce and coffee farm in Hawaii one winter. One of the other volunteers was wearing a Tarma necklace through all the hard farm work and I loved how simple and functional but pretty it looked on her...
  7. Introducing the Tarma Blog!

    Introducing the Tarma Blog!
    Picture this; durable sustainably made jewelry with your favorite trail etched into the stainless steel. A charm bracelet or earrings shining in the sun, as a reminder of your active triumphs and adventures. These are Tarma Designs. Welcome to the Tarma blog, where you’ll experience the spirit of adventure and resources for how to “love the active life” every day...

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