"In 2006, I weighed almost 300 lbs. I had always been a strong person, living a life filled with science, nature, and being out in the world, enjoying the thrill of it all with the people I love. Whether it is hiking in Glacier National Park, or simply around the hills where I grew up in southern Indiana, or anywhere in between, I am always content to be outside. But my weight slowed me down, and made me feel like I couldn't claim and be recognized for the strong, athletic, passionate, and powerful person that I am. So I changed all that. I adopted a more controlled, natural diet and began exercising much more than before. By the summer of 2007, I had lost almost half my body weight and found a love for long distance cycling that persists to this day. That same year, my husband surprised me with my first Tarma necklace. It has become a beloved symbol of my journey of strength, perseverance, happiness and love. I am rarely seen without it. I imagine my Tarma necklace like a partner; urging me on to succeed when the going gets hard, and reminding me of the many successes I have already achieved. I want to thank you so much for my Tarma bicycle. I couldn't have asked for a better gift. ❤️" -Jodi Pope Johnson