Where does your Tarma take you?

"The title of the email caused me to think about this for a while. What it made me realize is that a small piece of stainless steel and twenty-two inches of mini paracord could mean so much and cover such a long period of time in my life. Longer than Tarma has been in business.

I have a family tradition that started in 1981 at Grand Teton National Park. I come from a family of 5 kids, so growing up and getting one-on-one time with either parent was a bit of a challenge. When my older brother turned 10 years old, my dad took him, and only him, on a canoeing trip down the Snake River inside the park. This started a tradition that continued on for me and my three younger siblings. This tradition has now been passed on to the grandchildren; 10 of 15 total have now completed the same trip with Grandpa and their respective parent. 

I love the tradition and the canoe trip but since my family lives in a different part of the country now, we have expanded the trip to fit more of my love of backpacking. In addition to the canoe trip, there is also a five-day backpacking trip on the Teton Crest Trail.

I spent my honeymoon in this park and three of my five children have now completed this family tradition. I first found the Tarma Grand Teton Pendant when my oldest and I went on this family trip and have since given one of the pendants to each child on the trip, as a bit of a rite of passage. I am looking forward to giving the younger two children their pendant when the time comes.

So, back to the question, “Where does your Tarma take you?” It takes me to a flood of great memories over the last 35 years and gives me reason to plan for more memories to come in the future. My dad did the trip this year with grandchild number 10 at 69 years old. I hope I am doing half as good at the same age.

Thanks, Tarma for making something simple and elegant but so powerful at the same time." -Carl W.