Holy Cog Pendant | Stainless Steel | 3mm Polycord

Holy Cog Pendant | Stainless Steel | 3mm Polycord

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Quick Overview

Material: Recycled 316L Stainless Steel, Matte Finish
Dimension: 0.98 inch diameter / 25mm
Cord: Recycled 3mm Slate poly cord, 26"
Design is a Tarma original


Lots of requests for a Cross, so we made one near and dear to a cyclist's heart. Pendant is EDM cut in recycled 316L stainless, sand blasted to give a matte finish and hung with a keeper bead to keep the pendant in front and the closure hardware in back. 3mm recycled poly cord is durable, lightweight and dries quickly. Can be worn in the shower or swimming and won't feel clammy or wet like cotton, suede or nylon. Button toggle closure lets you easily adjust to the length you like. Just tie a new knot at the desired length and trim off excess cord.

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