Love 2 Run Pendant | Stainless Steel | 2mm Polycord

Love 2 Run Pendant | Stainless Steel | 2mm Polycord

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Quick Overview

Material: Recycled 316L Stainless Steel, Polished Finish
Dimension: 0.75 inch diameter / 19 mm
Cord: Recycled 2 mm poly black 20 inches, adjustable button toggle
Design is a Tarma original


The Love to Run pendant is very stylish with 2-tone finish and the Love to Run cut-out in the center! Made from recycled 316L stainless, the pendant is super durable and will never rust or tarnish. The quick-drying, durable cord is woven just for us in recycled poly, made from water bottles and industrial fleece scrap. All components are durable and made to be worn swimming or in the shower. Pendant is 3/4 inch tall on a 2mm black cord that's 22 inches long. Keeper Bead on the pendant keeps the pendant in front and the clasp in the back. Length is easily adjusted with our button toggle.

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