Nazca Humpback Whale Pendant 2mm

Nazca Humpback Whale Pendant 2mm

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Material: Recycled 316L Stainless Steel, 2-tone Finish
Dimension: 0.71x0.92 inch / 18x23.5mm
Cord: Recycled 2mm Black poly cord, 20"
Design is a Tarma original


The whale pendant represents the Nazca Lines or "geoglyphs" located in the Nazca desert in southern Peru. They were created between 200 and 700 AD, with some are more than 200 meters (690 feet) in diameter. The Nazca people thought these could attract fertile life to this arid, desert region. The pendant is 316L recycled stainless steel (min 60% post consumer content). The RePly cord comes from recycled PET bottles made in the same mill that produces Patagonia's recycled fleece program Pendant is 18 mm wide by 23 mm tall.

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