Running Gal Spirit Pendant | Sterling Silver | 2mm Polycord

Running Gal Spirit Pendant | Sterling Silver | 2mm Polycord

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Quick Overview

Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Polished Finish
Dimension: 0.79 inch diameter / 20mm
Cord: Recycled 2mm black poly cord, 26"
Design is a Tarma original


Modern art in running form. The tireless spirit of this female runner will inspires you to run effortlessly - with the energy, rhythm and form of your best effort. Cast in sterling silver, these original Tarma designs are unique and can make the statement about your love to run with sophistication and artistic flair. Pendants are hung on recycled 2mm poly cord that's lightweight, durable and quick drying. Wear it during your workout, in the shower or swimming. You never have to take if off. Adjustable button toggle clasp lets you easily customize the cord length. Keeper bead keeps the pendant in front and the clasp in the back. Hand cast in the US.

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