Shark Tooth Pendant | White Bronze | 3mm Polycord

Shark Tooth Pendant | White Bronze | 3mm Polycord

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Quick Overview

Material: White Bronze, Matte Finish
Dimension: 0.71x1.08 inch / 18x27.5 mm
Cord: Recycled 3mm Black Poly Cord, 26 inch
Design is a Tarma original


A symbol of the power of nature and a love for the ocean, the shark's tooth is a simple and elegant design that's edgy yet sophisticated. Hand cast in white bronze, the pendant is matched with a 26 inch black 3mm poly cord. Custom woven for Tarma, our polycord is made from recycled materials and is super durable. And unlike suede, cotton or nylon, it doesn't hold water (is hydrophobic) and dries quickly. The cord won't feel clammy or wet, so you can wear it swimming, in the shower or working out. The matching white bronze button clasp easily lets you adjust to the length you like. Just pull the cord through the button clasp, tie a knot at the desired length, trim the excess cord, then seal the end with a match. Our cord also comes with a sewn loop that's secure and durable to last for years. Cast in the US. An original Tarma design.

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