Socially Responsible Products

Stainless Steel: A "Green Metal"

Tarma's 316L stainless has a +60% post-consumer recycled content and has the ability to be worked into many different finishes. It can be cut or cast and made in many finishes, including brushed and sandblasted. It will never tarnish, is very lightweight, and strong. It's a great substitute for gold or silver.

Vacuum Plated Finishes

Tarma's plated finishes in faux gold, copper, and black are environmentally friendly. Vacuum plating doesn't use liquids like electroplating or anodizing processes, which leave toxic liquid waste that has to be disposed or reprocessed.

Recycled Polyester Cord

For all products with cord, Tarma has moved entirely to a recycled yarn made from PET water bottles and industrial polyester scrap. All of Tarma's cords are custom woven to make sure that durability and the hand (stiffness/softness) of the cord is matched with the weight of the pendant and comfort for the wearer.

Recycled Chipboard Packaging

All of Tarma's packaging is made from a minimum of 90% post consumer recycled and unbleachedpaper pulp. Even the cord used for the hanger is made from RePly polyester.

Shipping Containers

The last step in maximizing use of recycled materials and environmentally responsible practices comes in our shipping containers. For envelopes and boxes, we use unbleached mailers and corrugated cardboard with a minimum of 60% post consumer content paper.


As part of our initiative to support local manufacturing, Tarma's cast silver and bronze pieces are engineered, modeled and made in the US.