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Whether you’ve simply visited a park you love, or you’ve conquered a mountain after a day you’ll never forget, your Tarma Outdoor Jewelry will help you bring back all the feels from that experience, and each purchase will support our parks and trails.

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I am forever indebted to the team at Tarma Designs for helping me find a perfect pendant to honor an important moment in my life. Were it not for their uncommon kindness, patience, and generosity, I'd probably still be searching! Incredibly lightweight, waterproof, and expertly crafted, it's both ideal for my active lifestyle and meaningful to wear. If you're on a similar quest, and you value outstanding customer service, look no further than Tarma Designs.

Connecticut, USA

Celebrate Your Love For The Outdoors, Or A Big Achievement

I've made so many great memories and friends on the PCT trail I decided to commemorate it with a pendant from Tarma. I wear it on all my hikes and it gives me that feeling of camaraderie and love.

- Jing

I love feeling connected to the things I'm passionate about. My jewelry has become part of my lifestyle. I never take it off.

- Robin

Paddle, hike, swim, climb Your jewelry will still be hanging on

You won't be able to shake off your jewelry no matter how active you are. With strong magnetic closures and poly cords that are made to be worn outdoors and made to last. Tarma jewelry can take whatever you throw its way.

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