Trailblazer: “The first person to do something or go somewhere, who shows that it is also possible for other people” — Cambridge Dictionary

We here at Tarma are not just about making jewelry. We are about catalyzing people into new vistas of advocacy for protecting the outdoor spaces we all love.

That is what Trailblazers Club is all about. By becoming a member you are:

  • Joining a movement of people who want to see real change.

  • Pioneering the way for others to want the same.

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and help support National Parks And Trails!

The Best Gift for the Adventurer in Your Life


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Wear your Tarma piece with pride knowing that each purchase supports a new conservation effort.


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What’s Inside?

Every quarter you will receive a package with:

  • An exclusive Tarma design created in collaboration with a conservation agency who are impacting the areas that need it the most.

  • An Info Card detailing how proceeds from your subscription aided in their efforts.

  • A Unique Sticker commemorating the event.

You Will Also Get

  • Trailblazer Bucks that can be used to purchase other products.

  • Early Access to new products before they’re released to the public.

  • Opportunities to participate in future events and service projects.

If you are ready to be a trailblazer, Join the club now!

Join the Tarma Trailblazers Club and Help Us Support Conservation Efforts

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