Our Story

In the

Tarma Designs was founded in 2005 with the aim to make designs that captured the simplicity and lifestyle of the outdoors, while combining beauty with utility and durability. We wanted to make jewelry that helped people connect with their deepest passions, even when they weren't there.

Along the Way:

As Tarma grew, so did our mission. With the advent of the environmental crisis beginning to unfold, we knew it wasn't enough to make pieces that helped people connect to the outdoors, they needed to be part of protecting them as well.

So began our environmental initiatives to support direct conservation efforts. We reenvisioned how our products are made, while also giving back with every sale.


Today Tarma still has the same mission and vision. We are continuing to make strides and efforts to both reduce our environmental impact and implement postive change by fostering a culture of advocacy and accountability, all while continuing to design pieces that can be loved and enjoyed everyday.

All our pieces are manufactured and assembled here in the USA using the strictest standards and practices of sustainability.