Meet Jing. Hiker, backpacker, and aspiring PCT thru-hiker! She reached out to us to share her love for the PCT and how a little hike turned into an inspiring passion. Here's what she shared with us:

“My journey as a hiker/backpacker started in 2015 when two of our friends invited my husband and I for a little hike. That day in nature rekindled my love for the outdoors. So I started with short hikes until I became comfortable with longer distances to attempting my first backpacking trip at Eagle Creek/Tunnel Falls Trail in Oregon two years later. In six years of hiking, I realized that every hike is different even if you're traversing a trail that you've done multiple times. Although I have some favorites: Vasquez Rocks to the Tunnel, Mount Islip, Mount Baden-Powell are some and all three touch the Pacific Crest Trail. Hikes to mountain peaks in Angeles National Forest are also favorites. And among the national parks, I really enjoyed trails in Zion, Mount Rainier, and Crater Lake National Parks."

"My interest in Pacific Crest Trail was sparked when I met a thru-hiker named Jackie during one of my hikes in 2016. I never knew a trail 2,650 mile long from Mexico to Canada existed until she talked to me briefly about this amazing trail during our brief encounter. I did my research about the trail and meeting Jackie was Day One of my journey to be a PCT thru-hiker. Hiking any portion of the PCT gives me so much joy. Made so many friends and bagged so many memories along the way and it never ceases to amaze me how friendly the people who walk this trail are. And that is the reason why I decided to commemorate PCT with a pendant perfectly crafted by Tarma Designs."


"I now wear the pendant/necklace on all my hikes as it gives me that feeling of camaraderie, love, and hoping toward a dream. Hopefully one day, I'll walk the walk...and hopefully someday soon!” -Jing @jellybean1205


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