Location: Kansas 

"found Tarma a few years ago when I was shopping for kayaking jewelry. I ended up purchasing four necklaces, one for myself and three for friends. I've worn mine almost daily since then. It's my trademark! Although, I have added the Hiker Girl and Namaste necklaces to my daily wear now.

Dirty Girl Adventures
loves the spirit of Tarma. We share similar values about getting outside and have a few tag lines that we feel align with Tarma. We say, "Adventure where you are!" and "Adventure - Connect - Engage" often. They help explain our ideas about getting outside often to adventure. Taking time to connect with nature, self and others, and engaging in a life well-lived.

Five years ago, I started Dirty Girl Adventures to encourage and empower others to get outside. I love sharing outdoor adventures and my passion for getting outside with others. The business is now run with my friend and business partner, Jennifer Woerner. 

I've hiked and kayaked all over Kansas with my Tarma jewelry. We annually hike the Perry Lake Trail, which was officially added to the National Trail System 40 years ago. This trail was created by volunteers in cooperation with the USACE. It has been underused but Dirty Girl Adventures is working to change that! We hiked the 29 miles for the fifth consecutive year this past October. We camp on Friday night, then on Saturday morning our bus driver gives us a ride to the trailhead and we hike back to camp. We repeat the adventure on the other side of the trail on Sunday. The event is called, "Dirty Girls go ALL the Way!" :D

We also spend a lot of time on the Kansas River, aka The Mighty Kaw! The Kaw is 137 miles long and we've covered a good portion of it over the last few years. We love introducing people to the Kaw, which is part of the National River Trail system. We’ve kayaked in a variety of other amazing locations but the Mighty Kaw is our “River Home!”

I've also worn my Tarma Jewelry to hike Pikes Peak with 21 other Dirty Girls! We participated in the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado's annual Pikes Peak Challenge a couple of years ago - our team was the third largest fundraiser. The altitude kicked my butt! However, it was a great opportunity to spend several days in the Colorado Springs area with a fun bunch of Dirty Girls, while making a difference in the lives of brain injury survivors.

As we have expanded the business, our members have expanded their interest in getting outside. We have loved watching others grow and try new ways to get outside. Both Jennifer and I have backpacked in the Grand Canyon (of course, I was wearing my kayak necklace.) I loved backpacking to the bottom and camping for three nights with my friends and most importantly, my 19 year old son. It was an amazing opportunity to share a special adventure with him.

Since the beginning of Dirty Girl Adventures, when we knew very few people who regularly hiked or kayaked, we now know literally several hundred women who will go hiking and kayaking any time they can. They have begun to expand their interests and are planning adventures of their own, as well as participating in the adventures we plan and guide.  

When we decided to expand the Dirty Shop, we thought of Tarma. People always ask about my kayak necklace (because it is so cool!) so we contacted Tarma about becoming a retail resource. We're excited to share such great products with our customers and friends. We try to sell only things that we truly love and believe align with what we do. We love the eco-conscious aspect of Tarma products and the wearability...from river water, to trail sweat, the products stay on and look good.


Currently, we are exploring expansion into an old (1908ish) building in an awesome arts district, so that we can bring an adventure center to people in a different way. Tarma jewelry will go with us on our business venture and outdoor adventures, as we continue to adventure where we are!

Our vision is to encourage, empower and motivate people of all ages and abilities to explore their full potential through outdoor adventures and connection with a community that promotes whole health. Thank you for your interest and support of our vision and dreams."