Robin and I had been friends on Instagram for some time when one day she posted about someone named “Lucy.” I was intrigued and came to find out that she had been battling cancer. “Lucy” was a tumor they found. I also knew that Robin’s posts were always positive and joyful. How was she so strong and hopeful? After meeting Robin over zoom, I found out how the support of her family and friends, her faith and church community, and the hope to someday be as active as she was before motivated her to keep a positive attitude and inspire others to do the same - no matter what challenges they may face. This is Robin and this is her story.

Robin has completed an Ironman and has spent years ultra running. She is no stranger to the outdoors. Yet, when suddenly it became hard to breathe while on a run in 2012, she visited the doctor to figure out what was wrong. They didn’t see anything out of the ordinary at the time and she continued her lifestyle but with a little bit of a harder time breathing. After being hospitalized in 2017, they still hadn’t caught the cancer yet but she decided that she would just have to slow down and walk. The first trial of many, she accepted it and came to enjoy her new normal saying, “this walking gig, this is nice.” Running or walking, it didn’t slow her down and she walked 100 miles in May of 2020. When her condition worsened and she got COVID in May of 2021, she saw another doctor in hopes of getting answers. They discovered “Lucy,” a tumor that she had been running and walking around with for years.

Scarily enough, thanks to a pneumothorax (lung collapse) she had while fighting COVID, they caught the growth and by the end of the month, they were able to remove it. Finally breathing deeply and clearly for the first time in years, she returned home and rested. A snippet from one of Robin’s Instagram posts reveals her amazing attitude. “I hope that May’s events are not lost in just memories, but help shape me into a much better human, a more loving person, more understanding and that the events will somehow be used for good.”

She journaled and prayed while in the hospital and told me “don’t let the storms you go through be for nothing.” In a world where it’s so easy to give up and complain, Robin chose to lean into this trial. As she did, she became stronger and is using her experience to challenge others to do the same.

When I asked Robin how she battled fear and discouragement, she said that it was a big feat mentally, but she set small goals for herself. Every day she would try to do a little bit more and would not beat herself up. The goal of being able to walk a ¼ mile and then a little farther and then someday to be able to run again spurred her on. She kept praying and having faith. As she shared her story, others were encouraged and began to share theirs. She realized that with a lung collapse, she could’ve dropped dead but didn’t. She knew she had more to give and that she had come so far.

Robin has been a big fan of Tarma since 2017. She has an impressive collection of Tarma gear and was sad when she had to take off her jewelry through doctor’s visits. She loves feeling connected to the things that she’s passionate about through her jewelry and it has become a part of her style. She never takes it off and has Tarma for all the seasons. We love connecting with Robin on Instagram and keeping up with her story! You can too at @rockin_robin_active.

With the support of her family, friends, and church community, Robin is a fighter and has realized the importance of letting others see your challenges and how you overcome them. Seeking to bless others through her trails, Robin was able to find peace and joy. She learned that you need to see and feel the pain so that when you’re on the other side of it, you can be grateful. Of course, not all days have been rainbows and butterflies, but Robin’s story shows us how a deep, lasting hope is possible no matter what trials you may experience. Robin’s story has encouraged me greatly. Though doctors are still monitoring a small piece of the tumor that was left on her lung, her story isn’t over and she continues to inspire and encourage us all.

“ ‘Finding the joy’ in this journey has been a quote from a dear friend that we have embraced. I have been learning to live more and love deeper through this. And trying to find the joy in all moments, even the yucky and messy ones. Don’t wait. Find joy now!”

Thank you Robin for sharing your story! We are so grateful for you.

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